Mark Schechter, Shy Love Defamation Case Settled

Mark Schechter, Shy Love Defamation Case Settled

LOS ANGELES — Just days before trial was set to begin, adult talent agents Mark Schechter and Shy Love have announced a settlement in a case that alleged claims of defamation.

The case, which was set for trial on Monday, involved a single claim for defamation that included as defendants Schechter, ATMLA’s owner, as well as director Barrett Blade. A cross complaint against Love’s husband was dismissed by the judge last year.

Terms of the settlement between the talent agents were not revealed.

Beitchman, attorney for Shy Love, said: “We’ve reached an amicable settlement that provides for all parties to move forward and focus on business at hand and future business endeavors as opposed to revisiting the past. Shy Love and I are pleased with the resolution.”

Industry attorney Karen Tynan, who represented Schechter, said: “Resolutions that take the risk out of litigation and allow the parties to settle their differences are effective and sometimes preferred over the risk of litigation and the costs of trial.”

“I know Mark wants to focus on ATMLA and his talent roster,” Tynan said. “We’re also happy with the end of the case.” 

Schechter told XBIZ that he was "extremely pleased with the outcome of the case."

"Both parties have resolved to their mutual satisfaction,"  he said. "I would like to thank my attorney team of Karen Tynan, and Craig Wasserman for their time and efforts in this case and the resolution that we have reached."

The legal brouhaha initiated in 2004 when Love, who manages The VIP Connect agency, filed a slander lawsuit seeking unspecified damages against Schechter and Blade, alleging they made false statements that she stole money from former clients while allegedly cooking the books of ATMLA when her husband owned and operated the talent agency.

Schechter officially took control of ATMLA in July 2013.

In her claim, Love also contended that adult production studios including Mile High Media and Gamma Entertainment had been asked by Schechter to "blacklist" Love's current clients.

She claimed that the alleged blacklist was honored by numerous adult film directors, including Brad Armstrong, Porno Dan, David Lord, Just Dave and Blade, and "injured her occupation."

Love's suit further said that the defendants spread claims that she was bankrupt and that at least four adult performers were contacted by Schechter, who allegedly stated to them it was in their best interest to find alternative representation because of her purported misdeeds.

Schechter later unsuccessfully countersued Love on a host of charges including breach of contract, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, unfair business practices and fraud.