Calvista, pjur Announce Exclusive Distro Deal

Calvista, pjur Announce Exclusive Distro Deal

MELBOURNE, Australia — To mark 15 years of working together, Calvista now distributes three pjur products exclusively.

Founded in 1995, the pjur group launched pjur Original in the European market and then expanded distribution to Australia and New Zealand in 2001, choosing to partner exclusively with Calvista.

“pjur stands for uncompromised quality, not only in their products, but the way they do business,” said Roger Sheldon-Collins, general manager of Calvista. “We are honored to celebrate this significant milestone and we look forward to many more years of representing the pjur brand in Australia and New Zealand.”

Headquartered in Wasserbillig, Luxembourg, the pjur group is a global company with a portfolio of more than 45 products, which continues to grow each year.

pjur recently expanded its men’s range, with pjur superhero STRONG performance spray, pjur MAN STEEL Gel and pjur MAN XTEND Cream. All three products have been developed to utilize the properties of natural ingredients to enhance and stimulate.

In celebration of the companies’ milestone, the three new products are available exclusively through Calvista for the launch period.

pjur MAN XTEND Cream contains a combination of ginkgo and ginseng extracts, to bene t circulation. pjur MAN STEEL Gel is designed to be intensively massaged in; developed with paprika extract it can intensify stimulation.

Joining the superhero series, pjur superhero STRONG performance spray is designed for prolonged enjoyment for men. The unique formula contains a higher concentration of ingredients than previous pjur superhero sprays and is also enriched with ginger. Ginger extracts can stimulate and reduce oversensitivity of the skin, making this product perfect for anyone looking for longer performance.

”It’s been 15 years that pjur and Calvista have been working together — a partnership, which means a lot to me as Calvista has been our first partner in Australia and we’ve always had a great and successful time,” pjur CEO Alexander Giebel said. “For us at pjur, it is very important that we can rely on our partners around the world who have the best knowledge of their countries, culture and clients. That is why we are so happy with having Calvista at our side.”