Fuckbook.com Announces Partnership With TrafficPartner.com

Fuckbook.com Announces Partnership With TrafficPartner.com

HAMBURG — Fuckbook.com has announced its partnership with TrafficPartner.com, a move boosting the adult dating service’s offerings.

“I am very happy to announce we signed an agreement for a partnership today with a big player in the industry, TrafficPartner.com,” said Fuckbook.com CEO Fabian Grey. “They will become partners of Fuckbook.com, providing support to further grow and expand our brand unilaterally.”

“There is an immediate benefit of synergies between our companies,” Grey adds, “and we are very excited to join forces developing great and innovative products. This is a perfect fit!”

According to Grey, the new partnership will help to grow Fuckbook.com as one of the best adult dating products on the web, expanding on its database of more than 11 million users. This partnership enables TrafficPartner.com to extend its reach into the U.S. and Canadian adult dating markets, which have been a strong hold of Fuckbook.com since its launch in 2009.

Fuckbook.com will become part of TrafficPartner’s group, which already consists of a variety of companies across different industries, including Webbilling.com and Mobilebilling.com for payment processing, SGMpro.com, DatingPartner.com and more.

TrafficPartner.com acquired shares in Fuckbook.com, which will benefit from TrafficPartner’s highly trained and successful expert teams. TrafficPartner.com will help by driving traffic to Fuckbook.com and its other niche-oriented sites such as Lov.net or Swing.net. Fuckbook.com will also receive support from TrafficPartner in payment processing, conversion optimization, monetization, and strategic planning.

With close to 400 employees, TrafficPartner.com has been in business for almost two decades, and owns multiple companies around the world.  Fuckbook plans to immediately build up a marketing team to work more closely with TrafficPartner’s media buying teams.

TrafficPartner.com’s CEO Michael Reul says he is excited about adding Fuckbook.com’s team and product as part of its worldwide TrafficPartner family.

“I got to know the team in the last couple of months and their extremely motivated high-quality team members are the perfect fit for us,” Reul says. “They are innovative and highly focused professionals who will enrich our teams.”

“With our expertise in areas such as billing, monetization and sales, we are determined to add value to the already highly successful Fuckbook brand,” Reul adds. “There are so many synergies and we will go in ‘Vollgas’ (‘full throttle’) mode.”