Pure Play, Desperate Pleasures Serve 'Taboo Creampies 4'

Pure Play, Desperate Pleasures Serve 'Taboo Creampies 4'

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pure Play Media and Desperate Pleasures have announced the release of “Taboo Creampies 4."

Directed by JW Ties, "Taboo Creampies 4" features Zoey Carter, Cassidy Blanc and Zoey Parker in fauxcest sex scenes.

“Desperate Pleasures’ fauxcest releases definitely cross the taboo line with each release, and this DVD is no exception,” said Michael L., sales representative of Pure Play Media. “The fact that fans collect Desperate Pleasures’ titles means there definitely is a market for fantasy ‘family relations’ porn, and we encourage retailers to place their orders right away.”

In “Taboo Creampies 4,” Parker comes home from college and wants her room back from her brother, so she figures out a way to make it up to him. Blanc stays at her uncle’s place while her parents are out of town, and partying leads to some indecent relations. Finally, Carter, who has been having intimate fun with her uncle, finds out that her uncle is actually her dad, but that does not stop her from continuing to crave sex with him.

“There's something about high-risk creampies that are a real turn-on,” Ties said. “It's one of my favorite ways to cum, especially with my ‘daughters.’”

Parker stated, “It was really cool, I love shooting with JW. He's very nice and professional, and easy to get along with. His scenes are very easy and don't drag out too long, and the scenes always turn out really great!”

Carter remarked, “Daddy has been giving me lots of creampies, just like I asked, but some of them really stand out — like the one I got the morning after his birthday party. Daddy and I fucked in the shower, then moved to the bed. I must have been pretty loud calling his name — the neighbors in the next room looked at me and Momma funny when I walked out with Daddy!”

To view the box cover, cast list and synopsis for “Taboo Creampies 4,” click here. Retailers interested in stocking “Taboo Creampies 4” can contact Michael at Mike@pureplaymedia.com or (954) 903-3347, ext. 2224.

For more information, including clips and performer applications, visit DesperatePleasures.com and JWTies.com. For more information on Pure Play Media, visit PurePlayMedia.com and PPMB2B.com.