NakedSword Releases New Series 'Berkeley'

NakedSword Releases New Series 'Berkeley'

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals has announced the debut of "Berkeley," a series centered around their new home town of Berkeley, California. 

Shot on location by NakedSword's XBIZ Award-winning director mr. Pam, the series is a love letter to the "progressive and vibrant town" nestled in the hills of Northern California called Berkeley. The streets are described as "teeming with sexy young men, drawn to the area by the promise of higher education, a thriving art community, rich cultural diversity and the uninhibited liberal lifestyle that the bay area is famous for."  

Nakedsword's new series focuses on how these men meet, on and off campus, cruising the parks or at the infamous local Steamworks bathhouse, where they explore their sexual identity.

"Whether you’re a horny student fantasizing about your professor, a tattooed punk rock star experimenting with gay sex for the first time or in a dorm room with a new roommate who will forever change your foreign policy, just free your mind and the sex will follow," a publicist said.

In the debut episode of "Berkeley" called "Poster Boy," tattooed 6-foot-2 Texan Cameron Diggs makes his porn debut with veteran performer Jed Athens. Cameron is described as "very sexually curious, but hasn't experimented much with men and this debut scene was his first time fucking a guy." That guy is "power bottom" Jed Athens, who proved to be "a great first scene partner as he devoured and took Cameron's beautiful cock with ease."

Cameron plays a musician in a band and Jed runs into him putting up posters around the city for his upcoming show. One thing leads to another and Cameron invites Jed into his van where he lives. This is not any ordinary van, though — it is a "Fuck Truck" fully equipped with everything from a piano to a sling. Jed Athens willingly gets into the sling and "lets Cameron go at it until he explodes in Jed's mouth which concludes a spectacular debut from Cameron Diggs."  

"What will Cameron do next time?" queries the publicist. "Will he kiss? Will he suck dick? Will he eat ass? Only time will tell but it looks as if Cameron has a bright career ahead of him."

Tim Valenti, president of Falcon Studios Group and the NakedSword Network, remarked, "This series is one of my favorite so far just because I love the energy of Berkeley and the smart, sexy young men that come here from all over the world to experience the uninhibited liberal lifestyle that this area is known for.

"Berkeley also happens to be the home of our new NakedSword and Falcon Studios Group Headquarters, so it’s fitting that we create a love letter to the city and the sexual freedom it represents," he added.

Promotional items for the debut episode of “Berkeley” are available, including video and images.