Randall Nicholson, JRL Charts Vice President, Passes Away

Randall Nicholson, JRL Charts Vice President, Passes Away

LAS VEGAS — Randall Nicholson, the vice president of gay adult B2B media company JRL Charts, has died at 49.

For more than 10 years, Nicholson helped grow JRL Charts into where it is today. Starting as bookkeeper in 2005, Nicholson quickly rose up in the ranks to the company’s vice president. In the past year, he had been trying to get the company’s streaming network off the ground.

Christopher Thais, JRL’s president and CEO, said that Nicholson died of a heart attack.

Thais, in a posting on JRL Charts website, remarked that “Randall and I have been friends for more than 23 years. A true brother of mind.”

Nicholson held his position with the daily news company that includes stats for gay adult film releases as “one that he took seriously and with pride,” Thais said.

Thais elaborated further on how he found out about his death, which occurred last month.

“When he left the office on Monday two weeks ago, I never heard from him again,” Thais said. “When no one had heard from him for more than 48 hours, that is when I went over to his condominium.  When I arrived, I explained to the guard on duty who knew me the situation and he allowed me onto the property where I found his car parked in his parking space. When no response from the unit, I called police who arrived shortly afterward to investigate the situation. 

“Upon learning of the circumstances, we then informed the guard at the gate and had a locksmith come over to the unit to open it up. At that time, while I waited downstairs, his body was discovered in his bedroom.”

Thais described Nicholson as “a workaholic and who refused to take a break when a project needed to be done.”

He is survived by his husband and fellow staff writer on JRL Charts, Laudi Jaterka, along with three siblings.

Thais remarked that Nicholson was a “loving husband and a beloved family member.”

“Randall Nicholson will always be a part of the energy of the JRL Gay Media Network and will always be remembered for the wonderful person he was,” he said.

Pictured: Randall Nicholson