Adam & Eve, Exertion Films Unveil 'Dysfunktion'

Adam & Eve, Exertion Films Unveil 'Dysfunktion'

LOS ANGELES — Adam & Eve and Exertion Films have unveiled "Dysfunktion," a dark comedy about Hollywood life scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2016.

Directed by Imagen Award-nominated Ryan LeMasters and written/produced by David Bianchi, "Dysfunktion" features Angelica Chitwood, Rene Rosado, David Bianchi, Gerry Bednob, Vincent DePaul, Bridgette B and adult star legend Ron Jeremy.

The premise of the movie explores the dysfunctional dynamics of "a germaphobe, a porn star, a pervert, a loose cannon (in their 20s and 30s)," along with a "70-year-old washed up actress landlady." There is also a rave promoter, a gay designer and a porn director, as well as "a meathead and lots of cocaine."

In "Dysfunktion," personalities collide, everything goes wrong and selfish, life-changing decisions are made, revealing the best and the worst of "the Hollywood type" and "the Hollywood human condition."

Casting director Pamela Staton said, "Brilliant writing! Honest as Tennessee Williams... I cared and loved every character! 'Dysfunktion' is a bold and brave new indie!"

"Dysfunktion" will be available nationwide by the end of the year.