MiKandi Crowns Winner of Adult Game Art Contest

MiKandi Crowns Winner of Adult Game Art Contest

SEATTLE — Adult entertainment app store MiKandi announced that "Queen of Sin" by Rino99 is the Grand Prize winner of their "Tap Tap Fap! Adult Game Art Contest," which was hosted on Hentai Foundry.

Contestants were told to create a poster or box cover art for an imaginary video game. According to MiKandi, some of the concept artwork has already inspired actual erotic games to be developed, based on the proposed gameplay and illustrations.

Rino99's "Queen of Sin" depicts a mostly naked woman garbed in devilish regalia, standing proudly above 10 nude women engaged in a lesbian orgy.  

"Not only is the art breathtaking, but the game sounds like something we’d love to play every day," stated MiKandi on its Grand Prize announcement page. "Many thanks to Rino99 for participating in our contest and for sharing such a compelling game concept. We hope to see this game in development."

"Queen of Sin" is described as "an action role-playing video game" where players can choose to be a "Barbarian, Wizard or Crusader" as their character class, before embarking on a quest to bring down the wicked queen.

Along the way, players will "kill the monsters, fuck and liberate sexy slave chicks." Once they find the titular queen, the only means of destroying her evil spells will be to satisfy her dark passions. Doing so will grant the hero immortality and redeem the queen's sinful nature. 

Second place for Best Original Game Cover/Poster went to "Knocking Up Space," where players "colonize and knock up entire civilizations" on their mission "to spread the seed of our species through all the galaxy."

Awards were also given to the best adult games in retro, parody and comedy categories.

MiKandi compiled a photo gallery filled with 99 of the "Tap Tap Fap!" submissions, including titles like "Fuck Space 3," "Need for Sperm Underground" and "Interstellar Porn Producer."