Streamate's Cambuilder Introduces New A/B Testing Tool

Streamate's Cambuilder Introduces New A/B Testing Tool

SEATTLE — Streamate affiliate program Cambuilder announced the latest A/B testing tool release for its affiliate network to optimize traffic.

“The A/B testing is now live on Cambuilder and we've already seen many affiliates using it to increase their revenues," said Yuval Kijel from Streamate. "The tool allows affiliates to make two different designs of their white label cam site, and see which design is performing better. We split the traffic, and the test shows real-time results which allows affiliates to pick the winner. Then, affiliates can run other A/B tests, over and over and get the maximum optimization for their traffic.” 

The A/B testing tool has been designed for ease of use, to quickly take affiliates through the steps to place an A/B test.

"We know how important every click our affiliates send to their white labels is, and we want to make sure they make more money from the same volume of traffic," added Kijel. “Right now the A/B testing is focusing on design elements such as different templates, available content, landing pages, colors, thumb size, logo and more. However, we are already working on our next version that would add testing of features so affiliates can test if a certain features is adding revenue to their white labels.”

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