X-Rated Braille Book Added to Swedish National Library

X-Rated Braille Book Added to Swedish National Library

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — The National Library of Sweden has added artist Nina Linde's erotic braille book to its collection.

Linde was inspired to create the book after visiting Stockholm's Braille Library, where she was unable to find anything X-rated. “The book is about sexual stimulation, I don’t think ‘porn’ is the right word,” Linde said. “And sexual stimulation is for everyone.”

She first became intrigued by the sexual experiences of the visually impaired after an encounter with a blind man in Chile. When she told him she was Swedish, he joked about liberal Nordic attitudes towards sex. “This realization, that he had these thoughts even though he was blind, made me curious about how blind people’s sexuality is being discussed in society,” Linde explained. 

Adult entertainment technology for the blind is rare, despite efforts by sites like Porn for the Blind to add audio recordings of pornographic material and the rise of haptic sex toys. While interactive devices abound, such as Fleshlight and TwerkingButt, the visually impaired have limited choices if they wish to enjoy the performances of popular adult actresses and models.

Linde's erotic braille book is now available for citizens to check out at the National Library of Sweden, featuring gay, lesbian, mainstream and group sex acts.