RT America Talks California Sex Laws With Jessica Drake

RT America Talks California Sex Laws With Jessica Drake

LOS ANGELES — Adult entertainment actress and sex educator Jessica Drake of Wicked Pictures recently discussed California's new laws on sexual education, and its 'yes means yes' policy, as a featured guest on RT America.

During RT America's "Watching the Hawks" political talk show on October 27, Drake addressed the sex education law signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown at the beginning of the month. The law requires that mandatory sexual assault prevention material be included in medically accurate sex education classes, the first law of its kind to do so in the nation. Lessons must include affirmative consent discussions, shifting focus from traditional "no means no" to "yes means yes" in sexual circumstances.

“The consent law is a very positive step forward,” Drake said. “I think it helps clearly define sexual boundaries, and I think that when we are talking about consent, it is something that has not previously been taught in schools, so we really need help, and we need guidance on it. It takes a grey area, and it makes it more black and white.”

Drake is known for her "Guide to Wicked Sex" educational series, the most recent of which was a movie about foreplay techniques. She also tours the country speaking at colleges, where the frequency of sexual assaults partially inspired the law.

“It consistently surprises me how many times people have been in sexual situations and have not known how to clearly express their boundaries," Drake said. "So when we hand them a guideline like this, and we’re saying this is okay to say yes or to say no, and consent is an important part of a sexual negotiation, I think it can help.” 

When asked about the meaning of affirmative consent, Drake explained, “Affirmative consent is enthusiastic consent… it is saying yes… or giving a signal that you are willing to proceed with whatever is happening."

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