PRO AVC Studios and Laszlo Czero Launch

PRO AVC Studios and Laszlo Czero Launch
Stephen Yagielowicz

LUXEMBOURG — Romanian-based PRO AVC Studios has announced its launch of, a cam studio franchise operation created in conjunction with industry veteran Laszlo Czero.

According to the company, PRO AVC Studios represents the largest group of cam studios in the world, with premium locations and hundreds of models, all striving for their share of revenues from the live videochat business.

It is such a lucrative field that even mainstream media is picking up on the webcam topic, with an article in Forbes magazine noting that the best models earned more than $20,000 per month — while CNBC conservatively estimates a yearly $2 billion turnover for this business

“Along with the development of this field, we observed that only professional live content producers can survive and achieve higher revenues,” says Czero. “At this point came the idea of using our experience and relationships to create an incubator where the professional-grade content producers are trained.”

“Nowadays the video chat industry is headquartered in Romania,” explains Evelina C. of PRO AVC Studios. “Through this project we may say that we are exporting abroad a successful product as the first franchise studio will be probably set up in Asia.”

The website offers a step-by-step overview about creating a video chat studio, and provides a questionnaire in order to assess the potential success of the licensee, as a first step in the franchise process.

“We want to reach more groups of interest,” Czero explains. “Firstly, investors who are interested in this area as a good business opportunity. Then the individual models, who are looking to extend their activity. Also the owners of the existing studios who are willing to grow and expand even abroad, along with the video content producers.”

The full franchise package contains prepared business plans, continuous live consultations and the full software needed for all studio operations.

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