Elevated X Advises Urgent CMS Update

Elevated X Advises Urgent CMS Update

LOS ANGELES — Elevated X customers are being urged to complete a mandatory CMS update immediately, to ensure that their systems remain functional.

According to the company, this update includes a new cross-platform video player to replace the previously licensed JW Media Player, which will no longer function properly and must be replaced.

“This is a case of us making lemonade out of some very sour lemons,” said Elevated X co-founder AJ Hall. “Without warning, the company that owns JW Media Player (which Elevated X licensed beginning in 2008) decided to stop honoring its existing license agreements on a renewable basis.”

“They are now trying to enforce a new licensing policy to require enterprise license holders to pay tens of thousands of dollars in additional fees,” Hall explains. “Rather than pass this cost onto customers, Elevated X has opted to integrate a new player and offer it to all customers as an upgrade instead.”

Hall says that the company will provide free migration to the new player for all Elevated X customers who have not customized the code on pages that integrate with the video player.

JW Player will shut off their video player in 30 days, on or about October 15, 2015, making the need to upgrade a timely one, with clients needing to submit a support ticket to update their CMS software as soon as possible.

Hall notes that Elevated X is ready to begin migrating all CMS software users to an open source video player immediately.

“The new player looks great, uses HTML5 when possible and a Flash player fallback as well,” Hall says. “It supports HLS adaptive bit-rate streaming for optimal playback, as well as FLV, MP4 and WMV.”

To avoid possible business interruption, it is vital for all Elevated X clients to contact the company to have their files updated immediately.

“We will undertake all of the necessary steps to provide service and support in a way that remains seamless, smooth and simple. We will also be reaching out to each customer directly to ensure that everyone is aware of this transition,” Hall concludes. “In the end, the new player will be a great upgrade and the peace of mind it affords is an added bonus.”

To submit a support ticket for this essential update, click here.