Philadelphia Citypaper Spotlights Jessica Drake

PHILADELPHIA — Rachel Kramer Bussel spotlights Jessica Drake’s transition from porn star to sex educator in an article for the Philadelphia Citypaper.

Drake tells Bussel she decided to become an educator after learning from fans that her films may be giving viewers unrealistic goals in the bedroom.

"People were asking sex questions that made me understand they weren't really able to differentiate between porn for fantasy viewing and a more realistic sex ed," she says. "I had a couple tell me there was something wrong with them because they couldn't have anal sex as easily as they saw it portrayed in movies."

The article spotlights her educational video line “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex,” which features both explicit sex scenes and instructional tips. The series has covered topics such as the G-spot, female masturbation, fellatio and BDSM for beginners, as well as plus size.

Drake tells the Citypaper how her videos go beyond sex advice.

"I don't just talk about how to perform a certain sex act in my movies," drake explained. "I also talk about confidence, communication, how to be in touch with your own body and how much good that can do for your sex life."

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