ModelCentro Announces New Platform Features

LOS ANGELES — Performer-centric adult CMS platform,, has announced several new features designed to enhance the customer’s user experience while earning more money for models.

According to ModelCentro, its system empowers models to create and run their own membership sites, by offering all of the essential tools for creating and managing a site, including hosting, billing design, domain, and live cams that remain the model’s property while in their domain.

Among ModelCentro’s new features are the ability to deliver locked content and a sexy new skin that provides content filtering functions.

“Locking their content allows the models to exhibit more personal and intimate content with viewers and enhance their revenue,” says Natalie Pannon, ModelCentro’s head sales and marketing manager. “Dubbed Autumn, the skin’s new look is shaped by a bigger welcome trailer, multiple new color schemes, pictures on the warning page, re-worked home page updates, trendy likes and comment counters, etc.”

ModelCentro now enables performers to host private one-on-one or one-to-many shows for members.

“Models are able to choose just the type of show they would like to put out and the amount of viewers on it,” Pannon explains. “Models can [also] now collect tips during live shows, ensuring improved profits for the model and a better experience for the fans.”

Finally, models turned marketers are now able to automatically enable Google Webmaster Tools to easily monitor their statistics and manage their search engine marketing and optimization — providing access to GWT’s extensive analysis tools for every ModelCentro site operator.

“The ModelCentro team is continuously working to implement features that help make our models’ sites even more successful,” Pannon adds. “These new features are based on users’ feedback, and have made a great addition to the functionality of the platform, drastically improving our models’ bottom line.”

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