Chameleon Tube Sites Submitter Gets Artificial Intelligence Upgrade

LOS ANGELES — Artificial intelligence is making inroads in many industries — including online porn — with Chameleon announcing Spintax integration for its popular Tube Sites Submitter software.

Spintax, or “spinning syntax,” is a process of randomizing keywords and other text, which is often used by blog writers and search engine marketers that want to make unique versions of non-unique content.

One example from the adult world is when a sponsor site releases a collection of promotional videos accompanied by descriptions. With countless affiliates posting this identical content to tube and other sites, having a unique listing is the key to discovery, so savvy affiliates use automated spinning tools to gain a competitive advantage.

According to Chameleon, implementing Spintax allows videos posted via Tube Sites Submitter to rank higher on search engines and to receive better placement on tube sites, due to the uniqueness of this content, which helps avoid “duplicate content” penalties.

“Spintax is basically a word changer which replaces words in sentences in such way that the sentences always make sense,” says a Chameleon rep. “No gibberish, but sensible sentences make sure that the search engines and bots browsing the tube sites to which you upload videos from Tube Sites Submitter come to the conclusion that your video comes with different descriptions.”

“This means that when you upload one video, that video may be accompanied by thousands of different sentences,” the rep explains, noting that when a user uploads one video to 200 tube sites, each site will feature a different description.

Using the new Tube Sites Submitter Spintax function is simple, and applicable to all video description fields, including the long and short description and the long and short title, using a static parameter along with a number of optional variables from which the new combinations will be derived.

For example, a basic description, formatted as “{Hot|Sexy|Slutty} brunette shows her {big|busty|giant} {boobs|breasts|tits},” would yield numerous combinations depicting the basic concept.

Existing TSS users can upgrade to the new version of the software for free, with the Tube Sites Submitter updating itself automatically upon launch.

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