XXXtrailers Offers Photos With 3D Depth Effects

LOS ANGELES — has revealed a new photo processing technology that adds 3D depth and customizable animation to any still image, providing eye-catching action for adult sites and banner ads.

A variety of compelling sample images, available in the timeless GIF format that is playable in any browser or digital device, illustrate the types of activity these photos are capable of, and provide a better glimpse of their visual power than trying to understand the effect without seeing the reality and interactivity that these images deliver.

These samples can be viewed online, along with interactive controls that allow viewers to modify the effect, with toggles for “Expand,” “Hypnotize” and “Sharpen,” as well as options for “Calm,” “Normal” and “Dramatic,” plus depth selectors such as “Near,” “Middle” and “Far.”

According to XXXtrailers spokesperson Artem, the company can convert any photos into this new active image format and will help clients to integrate the custom images into any website.

“We will do our best to reply all requests on time, however some delay might be there,” Artem explains, expecting that the new photo format will generate a lot of interest among adult website operators that are looking for a novel way to add some spice to their current image inventory.

In addition to its new graphics processing capabilities, XXXtrailers has made major changes in its pricing policy to better suit the needs of today’s website publishers.

For more information, as well as a demonstration of these active photos, visit