Belle Knox Pens Rolling Stone Opinion Piece

NEW YORK — Belle Knox has penned an article for Rolling Stone magazine entitled “Prostitutes Are People, Not Criminals,” for the issue on newsstands now.

The Duke University student and teen porn sensation seeks the same rights and protections for sex workers as the general public in her piece.

“Although porn is legal, I am nonetheless proud to classify myself a sex worker and call on my colleagues to stand up for our right to make a living, access the same protections as everyone else, and not feel ashamed for doing honest work,” Knox wrote. “We are nobody's rescue project, and we deserve rights, not handcuffs.”

Knox was profiled in Rolling Stone last summer, and said she is thrilled to have the honor of writing for such an esteemed and legendary publication.

"The sex industry has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially with the passing of Bill C-36 the in Canada,” Knox said.

She added, “I feel our dialogue surrounding sex work is marred in misconceptions and distorted facts, and when we criminalize sex work, we only make it more dangerous for all parties involved. Moral beliefs beside, criminalization is poor public policy, plain and simple. I feel so honored Rolling Stone published my piece, and I hope it causes readers to rethink some of their opinions."