Amateurs Guide Launches Next-Gen Live Cam Site

LOS ANGELES — Calling itself one of the most advanced amateur webcam platforms on the market, Amateurs Guide has announced the launch of its cutting edge live cam site,

It’s no big secret that live webcam sex is among the most vibrant sectors of the adult entertainment marketplace, putting power into the hands of performers, while offering unique, personalized porn that resonates with consumers. While countless adult cam sites are already available, most operate on older, legacy technologies, conceived in an era of slow Internet connections and low resolution webcams.

Intended as a global community that unites amateur models and exhibitionists with fans and voyeurs everywhere, Amateurs Guide brings the highest video quality and newest interactive  technology to the “adults only” .xxx domain space — evolving the amateur porn phenomenon into its latest incarnation — while opening up a communications channel for those seeking friendship, love, lust, video sex and more.

The site soft-launched earlier this month, with plans for its ongoing development, and focuses on the new generation of adult performers that prefers to work from the comfort, privacy and safety of their own homes.

While Amateurs Guide features thousands of adult female, male and transgender models of all ages, shapes and sizes, the site’s collection of live cam girls is reportedly its most popular. To highlight the best of this new generation of cam stars, the editors of Amateurs Guide have hand-selected 420 of the site’s top models to feature — each of which offers high quality, high definition (HD) live cam sessions.

According to Amateurs Guide spokesperson Crystal Sunshine, the site’s specially selected performers are individually chosen because they provide a major upgrade from typical “cam studio” models, which tend to offer a lower video quality and a less personal viewing experience — in part, Crystal explains, because they are away from their own surroundings, and thus outside of their “comfort zone.”

“Many older (and many new) cam sites feature low definition (SD) webcams, and are broadcast from commercial studios that provide performers with little more than a closet-sized space, perhaps adorned by a chair and decorated by a colored sheet thrown over it,” Sunshine says. “Amateurs Guide empowers independent performers, encourages excellence, and rewards the extra efforts of our featured models — and our fans appreciate the added connection of seeing our girls in their own personal environment, where they are more comfortable, and as a result, put on a better, more engaging performance.”

Sunshine says these extra efforts include paying careful attention to the quality of their audio, lighting, and positioning of their webcam, which is often actuated through remote pan, tilt and zoom controls — allowing Amateurs Guide’s featured models to focus the viewer’s attention on the on-camera action, rather than relying on a poorly lit, static, wide angle and low resolution feed from an obsolete webcam, such as those commonly found on older cam sites.

“Amateurs Guide is all about amateur performers, but this isn’t 1995 — it’s almost 2015,” Sunshine says. “Better quality webcams and faster Internet connections are available to nearly everyone, so we want to highlight those performers who reinvest a small part of their earnings into upgrading their technology, simply because it provides a better experience for our community members — and that translates into more dollars for these models.”

“Sure, we have countless models at Amateurs Guide that still broadcast SD feeds, and some of them are quite attractive and energetic performers,” Sunshine adds. “But our community is all about promoting high quality, homemade, live erotica — and that begins with crystal clear HD video.”

Among other features awaiting visitors to the site are the ability to save a custom list of favorite models — as well as the ability to tip models, providing a perfect way to reward performers without committing to a private chat session. Visitors can also vote for their favorite performers, the Top 100 of which are listed on the site’s “awards” page — with cash bonuses for the winners of this ongoing contest, which serves as an incentive and added revenue stream for the site’s performers.

“This combination of free and premium chat options provides the best of both worlds, and lets visitors experience our system without risk,” Sunshine explains. “It’s also easy to get a sneak peek into a private session, where you can see firsthand why a one-on-one with one of our premium performers is superior to a free chat session elsewhere.”

In addition to the site’s live cams, visitors can also view the model’s personal photo galleries, as well as make and save custom photo snapshots of the live shows they participate in.

Amateurs Guide emphasizes the personal touch by providing model bios that reveal personal details — including the model’s willingness to perform certain acts on camera; along with physical details, such as height, weight, breast size and build; as well as special locations where he or she is available to perform, such as in an office or other place. An overall user rating, including the number of ratings; as well as the age, gender, sexual preference and native language of the performer, are also listed.

Despite its widespread global audience and performer base, language differences rarely pose a problem at Amateurs Guide. Although it is primarily an English-language site, Amateurs Guide is now available in 18 other languages, with a real-time chat translation feature easing communication amongst community members and making the system more accessible to a broader range of users.

This accessibility is enhanced by its cross-platform capabilities, which provide a great user experience, whether the visitor arrives at Amateurs Guide via a desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet or television. Outdated (but still common) Flash technology is not required — making the site compatible with iOS devices such as Apple’s popular iPad and iPhone.

Accessibility isn’t just about device compatibility or ease of use, it is also about finding the right model to satisfy your desires. This search is simple enough on common cam sites that offer a limited number of performers to choose from, but with a performer base as large as the one Amateurs Guide offers, filters and search tools become vital. Fortunately, dozens of category specific filters, coupled with an intuitive “smart search” feature, ease the search for satisfaction.

Another popular method for finding just the right performer is the “recommended model” feature that lists related performers based on any shared attribute tags. If you like busty blondes, chubby couples or dominating divas, more are just a click away, and automatically presented to you by the site’s relational database engine.

“As with any live cam site, the quality of the models are as important as the quality of the technology,” Sunshine states. “Fortunately, at Amateurs Guide, we have both.”

Sunshine says that Amateurs Guide is always looking for new models, whether they are female, male or transgender — plus couples and swingers too — as long as they have a passion for performing. She also notes that the community is now open to all fans of real amateur porn, 18 and older.

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