Joy-Toilet Offers 'Triple X Tycoon' Adult Industry Simulator

NEW YORK — Joy-Toilet Collectives has announced the December release of its “Triple X Tycoon” adult industry simulator game.

Joy-Toilet Collectives notes that it is comprised of “multiple game studios and freeware software developers, writers and old people.”

According to the company, its new Triple X Tycoon is a Windows, *Nix and Mac compatible simulation game in which the player founds and builds a studio within the adult entertainment industry from the ground up.

It is a game that follows the trend of “expansionist” games, where players build empires of one sort or another.

“With Triple X Tycoon, players will get to experience the highs and lows of the adult entertainment industry from behind the scenes,” says a company rep. “The game features random events that may affect the growth of your studio or hinder performers.”

“Volatile consumer trends are the norm,” the rep adds. “Extravagant award shows are commonplace, even performers come and go as time pushes on in an industry that makes big money on erotic indulgence.”

The rep explains that we have all wanted to be something and that sometimes all it takes is a second to truly know what that something is.

“Every aspiration there ever was has come to fruition in one way or another. You’ve constantly dreamt it, so now what?” the rep concludes. “This is the adult entertainment industry, and it’s your turn. How far will you go?

The price of this business management simulator is yet to be announced, with screenshots and videos coming soon.

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