Video: Conde Nast Entertainment Airing Belle Knox Docu-Series

NEW YORK — Conde Nast Entertainment (CNE) will be airing “Becoming Belle Knox” beginning tomorrow at 9 a.m. on The docu-series focalizes the 18-year-old Duke University student, who was outed as porn star in February and has since become the face of porn-as-female-empowerment.  

The segment is part of CNE’s ongoing docu-series “The Scene Inside,” which purports to offer an in-depth look at the stories and people that shape contemporary cultural conversation. “'The Scene Inside' will provide audiences access to fascinating places, untold stories and captivating characters," a release stated.

A “The Scene” original, “Becoming Belle Knox tells the story of Miriam Weeks, an 18-year-old college student attending Duke University. She is also Belle Knox, a new leading porn star, who uses her income as an adult entertainer to pay her exorbitant tuition.

The description continues, “During her freshman year, scandal broke out across national headlines about her career and instead of hiding from it, she embraced it. By creating the alter-ego Belle, Miriam believes she can separate her two realities: a promising college student at a top-ranked university and a young woman working in the explicit industry of adult entertainment.”

A trailer for the docu-series opens with a bespectacled, innocent-looking Knox/Weeks describing the duality of her now-public personas. “I mean, look, I’m 18 years old and I travel across the country having sex with people on camera, and every dollar I make goes to tuition,” she says. “It’s such a contrast from being that helpless little girl to being Belle, this empowered porn star.”

But with pros comes cons, and the difficulty of drawing hard lines between her two egos. “I think that people see Belle, but they don’t see Miriam,” she continues. “I think I’m Miriam right now?”    

"After our success with the Emmy-nominated series, ‘Casualties of the Gridiron’ and the Television Academy Honoree, ‘Screw You Cancer,’ it became clear that “The Scene Inside” would be an opportunity to feature real people and their stories," said Michael Klein, executive vice president of programming and content strategy (no relation to Michael Klein of LFP). "Giving audiences a provocative view of controversial and diverse topics will build on the success of our previous documentary series."

No stranger to the mainstream, Knox appeared on Fox's "Stossel" earlier this month and has also appeared on "Piers Morgan Live."

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