Elevated X Boosts Site Speeds Through Image Optimization

LOS ANGELES — Multiple award winning pay site CMS software provider Elevated X has announced a new feature that offers site owners the ability to transform existing JPEG image files, reducing their file size from five to 10 percent, with no perceptible drop in quality.

In business since 2006, Elevated X’s pay site management software powers more than 2,000 adult sites, has been nominated for more than a dozen industry awards, winning the 2012 and 2014 XBIZ Awards for “Software Company of the Year.”

“The conversion is so precise that the image output is identical on a per-pixel level,” explains Elevated X CEO AJ Hall of the process that compresses images without visible artifacts or a noticeable degradation in quality. “Anyone using Elevated X to manage their websites can log into their CMS and batch convert all existing JPEG files within a specific folder regardless of whether or not the CMS manages them.”

This means that Elevated X is able to optimize any JPEG image on a client’s server — even if those files have not been imported into the CMS — such as images used in promotional galleries or on other pages.

Hall notes that for JPEG files generated from content already imported into the Elevated X system, the results are even more impressive, boasting file size reductions of up to 35 percent with no visible loss of image quality, which provides much faster downloads.

“From a website performance standpoint, the benefits are massive,” Hall told XBIZ. “Tour design files such as JPEG logos and graphics can be reduced up to 10 percent, while tour update preview images and thumbnails can be reduced up to 35 percent.”

“This reduction in image file size leads to potential load speed reductions of upwards of a third, compared to the previous images,” Hall adds. “The impact this has on mobile sites is huge.”

Hall says that he is excited about the potential web hosting cost savings for larger pay site operations and other image heavy applications, especially those targeting bandwidth limited mobile devices.

“Imagine a large program with multiple sites and thousands of preview images on pay site tours and free hosted galleries being able to reduce file sizes by up to 10 percent,” Hall told XBIZ. “It’s a money maker.”

For more information or to see a live software demo, visit www.elevatedx.com.