OnWebcam Now Accepts Wankcoin

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Calling itself the first adult cryptocurrency, Wankcoin continues its expansion with the announcement that OnWebcam.com is now accepting it for payments at its live cam site.

Wankcoin joins the other purchase page options offered by OnWebcam.com for customers seeking to buy additional cam credit tokens.

Acceptance of the cryptocurrency officially began on a trial basis on July 3, and according to the company, has generated enough sales for it to become a permanent payment option.

“Cryptocurrencies are only going to continue to thrive and grow,” said Jack T., OnWebcam’s marketing manager. “Here at OnWebcam we’ve embraced Wankcoin as a form of payment.”

“We recognize the obvious plus side to anonymous purchases and have switched our payment methods to now include WKC,” Jack T. added. “Overall the response and demand for the Wankcoin has been huge, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Its promoters note that while Wankcoins (wkc) have not replaced all other forms of payment, they do represent a growing segment of the cryptocurrency market, due to having the same privacy and security advantages of Bitcoin, but coupled with a reportedly greater reach in the adult market, where Wankcoin is said to already be accepted on hundreds of adult sites, including Porn.com, with the number of portals accepting it for payment continuing to rise.

“The cryptocurrency community has also connected quickly with the prospect of Wankcoin dominating the adult crypto-payment space in the near future [with] Bittrex.com, Allcoin.com and KingCoiny.com [already having] established markets on their exchanges,” says a Wankcoin spokesperson. “Meanwhile, Wankcoin.com is poised to produce its own direct purchase exchange, where customers will be able to buy from exchanges though a simplified credit card-to-crypto or crypto-to-cash interface.”

“Succeeding as the dominant form of payment will require simultaneous acceptance by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and adult entertainment fans” states Wankcoin’s Greg Kazarian. “From the research I have done, it seems pretty obvious that Wankcoin is the only one with enough pull in both the adult and crypto pools to make it all happen.”

“This news of getting added on to a premium cam site so quickly is just more proof of the market is moving toward Wankcoin,” Kazarian added.

For more information, visit Wankcoin.com.