Smash Pictures Streeting 'Mommy Does Me' in May

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Smash Pictures has released a hardcore trailer for its upcoming taboo riddled flick “Mommy Does Me.”

Directed by Jim Powers and produced by Dan Quinn, the film delves deep (and between the sheets) into the one family’s complicated and shifting erotic bonds.

When a father (Steven St. Croix) starts sleeping with his adopted daughter (Dillion Harper), he soon finds himself being served divorce papers by his wife (Magdalene St. Michaels). “I can’t even look at you after what you’ve done,” St. Michaels tells St. Croix after she discovers the truth  — and a pair of her daughter's yellow panties unceremoniously draped over a chair.

After hitching up with a wife (Sindy Lange), St. Croix soon begins sleeping with his new stepdaughter (Lucy Tyler). “Do you want to see the new underwear I got? Do you want me to model them for you?” Tyler asks St. Croix. He gives in with a sigh.  

Meanwhile, ex-wife Magdalene has been sleeping with her daughter, Harper. Things get especially intense when Harper comes to visit and she hooks up with both St. Croix and his new wife. Lange demands that she get “the same stepparent privileges her husband has” and proceeds to seduce his college aged son (Tyler Nixon).

To check out the NSFW trailer, click here.

Shot in HD, the film is slated to release on DVD May 22.

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