Epoch Debuts V3 Payment Form for Mobile Users

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Epoch has released a new version of its payment form specifically designed for users of tablets and smartphones.  

The beta for the Version 3 payment form was released a few weeks ago and is available to all Epoch clients who use standard payment forms. It does not automatically replace payment forms currently being used; it merely is an option available to Epoch clients.

V3, with its updated look and clean interface that is ideally suited for smaller screens, employs bootstrap technology, allowing it to scale into tablet and smartphone browsers as well as desktop browsers (including Internet Explorer 7) via responsive CSS.

V3 adapts to portrait or landscape orientation automatically and includes automated features such as language detection, currency conversion and geo-targeted payment options.  

Epoch clients who are not using a custom template can add the parameter name "version" with a value of "3" (&version=3) to switch payment pages to V3. Alternatively, Epoch staff can  help make V3 the default form.

Epoch officials said the company's been monitoring the growth of mobile purchases and the data made it clear that a form should be employed for  tablets and smartphones.  

"More and more people are getting to you via a mobile device and this represents a significant and growing percentage of your sales," the company said. "This trend is expected to continue. With the introduction of our latest payment form, we believe we can help this trend translate to an even greater boost in mobile sales."