CNN Spotlights Ron Jeremy's Return to Action

LOS ANGELES — Blood pressure medicine be damned. Ron Jeremy is once again “hard” at work.

CNN caught up with the everyman star on his first day performing since his double heart surgery on the set of Wicked Pictures’ "Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Legends."

Telling CNN that everything’s fine and the worst is over (except for a huge scar on his chest and a little bend in his private part), Jeremy got down to business shooting his scene right after the CNN crew finished its interview.

"I was nervous. Blood pressure medicine can affect the penis. I'm taking blood pressure medicine now and I was able to do it, but my scenes aren't as good as they used to be. I don't get the full massive. If I could be so specific, CNN, it bends a little. But it felt good being back in the saddle," Jeremy told CNN.

The star joined veterans Evan Stone, Steven St. Croix and Sean Michaels in Drake’s instructional film on how to satisfy a woman — something Jeremy has done thousands of times.

Drake said she was grateful for having Jeremy back in action but kept an eye on his health during his blowjob scene.

Although apparently good to go, Jeremy said he’s still concerned about his health and his future in the industry in his typical self-deprecating manner. "I look at exotic locations where I used to host shows, from Jamaica to Key West. I'm still planning on doing it, but it's scary," he said. "What if I'm on a plane and something happens? You can't say, 'is there a doctor in the house?' It has to be an aortic doctor. They told me to walk around the plane every hour and I said, great, I'm gonna be that guy. There's always a guy that bangs into your elbow, and we all hate that guy."

Jemery also quipped about how fans used to ask about his penis or wild porn experiences.  Now, he says, they ask about how his rehab is coming.