Deen's 'Cowboys' Reaches Kickstarter Goal, Richard Hatch Toplines

Nelson Ayala

LOS ANGELES — "Battlestar Galactica" alum Richard Hatch is set to topline "Cowboys & Engines," a steampunk western from producer James Deen, co-starring Walter Koenig and Malcolm McDowell.

"I am extremely excited to have these amazing actors join the cast of 'Cowboys & Engines,'" Deen said in a statement released today. "They are icons and their participation will add vitality and depth to our movie."

Hatch, best known for his role as Captain Apollo in the 1978 TV series "Battlestar Galactica," plays Cade Ballard, a "war-weary former ambassador from the nation of Texas" out to save San Francisco from Dr. Clay (Dowell), a conquering madman armed with a dangerous temporal engine, stolen from Professor Nicholas Timéon (Koenig). 

"The most under served marketplace for the past few years has been Steampunk,” Hatch said. “But what makes ‘Cowboys and Engines’ unique and special beyond its steampunk credentials is its blend of great characters you can both love and hate.

"Its richly layered story by talented director/writer Bryn Pryor ignites the imagination and satisfies our penchant for epic adventure, while evolving the ever popular Jules Vern post apocalyptic retro/futuristic style of storytelling.

"Our explorations into the future mirror mankind's earlier sojourn to the West in the 1800s," Hatch continued. "‘Cowboys and Engines’ marries our love of great Westerns with our passion and love of visionary sci-fi and our world’s forthcoming journey to the Stars. What a powerful and artistic fusion of two highly loved and respected genres. I'm in and soon, so will be the rest of the world.”

Deen and Pryor announced the project in January, launching a KickStarter campaign to raise $100,000 by March 9. As of now, contributions have reached more than $107,000.

"I'm happy our film has passed the $100,000 mark in contributions, and grateful to those who supported it," Deen said. "We hope everybody who wants to participate in this adventure gets their chance in these final days."