XBIZ Summit Website Goes Live, Event Details Announced

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ, The Industry Source, is pleased to announce its next generation XBIZ Summit, along with its accompanying website, XBIZSummit.com, revealing details of this trendsetting event.

Scheduled for May 14-17, the XBIZ SUMMIT moves to Miami’s famed Coconut Grove, where the Mayfair Hotel & Spa will treat attendees to a fusion of European, Asian, Latin and Caribbean design elements, pampering guests in a relaxing and intimate atmosphere, which offers a perfect backdrop to the show’s educational and networking sessions.

Presented by AWE and sponsored by Epoch, GTBill and PussyCash, the XBIZ Summit is a must-attend event that provides key players in the adult entertainment industry with an unmatched opportunity to discover all the latest information, while solidifying new deals — in an environment that breeds success, rewarding your efforts with luxury.

Packed with insightful seminars and presentations delivered by the adult entertainment industry’s leading experts and personalities, as well as executive networking sessions and exclusive special events, XBIZ Summit is the key to taking your business to new heights.

“The XBIZ Summit offers something for everyone in adult — whether you’re online, offline, a performer or an entrepreneur, based in the U.S. or overseas,” XBIZ Events Director Moe Helmy stated. “If you want to meet the industry’s movers and shakers and learn all the latest information to gain a competitive edge, then XBIZ Summit is for you.”

Several benefits this year, Helmy notes, include the exclusive use of the hotel by XBIZ, as well as its more secluded location, away from South Beach’s congestion and noise.

“The venue hotel is amazing, as are the sessions we are planning,” Helmy added. “XBIZ Summit attendees are really in for a treat this year.”

The XBIZ Summit website is integrated into the XBIZ.net adult industry social network, allowing users to tag themselves as attending the XBIZ Summit, allowing meetings to be arranged in advance of the show, so you can make the most of your time there. A graphic denoting your attendance is available for download, for use in websites or signature files.

For sponsorship opportunities and the latest event information, visit XBIZSummit.com.