Pipedream Says ‘No’ to Measure B

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pipedream Products is establishing itself as a strong opponent of Measure B, the Los Angeles county initiative appearing on the Nov. 6 ballot that proposes to mandate the usage of condoms and other forms of body-wear in all adult entertainment productions.  

"Our company has always been a supporter, partner, and friend to the adult entertainment industry, and we will do everything we can to prevent this unmerited law from being passed," said Pipedream CEO Nick Orlandino, who was a former board member of the Free Speech Coalition (FSC). Orlandino recently rejoined FSC and has made a sizable donation to the organization. 
For many years, Pipedream has worked closely with industry professionals--both performers and producers alike--and it's prepared to offer its unwavering support to colleagues and friends who are working hard to fight this initiative.  

Pipedream Sales Manager Lynn Swanson, who is also a board member of FSC, shared her support on voting No on Measure B. "On behalf of the Free Speech Coalition, as well as Pipedream Products, I strongly urge everyone to vote against this unconstitutional initiative. This law, if passed, will have far-reaching impacts on the adult industry as a whole." 

For more information, visit FreeSpeechCoalition.com.