Lucas Entertainment Takes Top Honors at the Grabbys

NEW YORK — Lucas Entertainment took home top honors at the 2012 Grabby Awards in Chicago.

The company won Best Movie for ”Assassin” along with Best Director, Best Videography and Best Screenplay.

"'Assassin' was a unique and remarkable film,” Michael Lucas said. “I am thankful to the Grabbys for recognizing the detailed creativity and quality of our movie.”

The night was full of praise for “Assassin,” which swept all of the show’s major categories.

“We were incredibly meticulous in the production of ‘Assassin,’” said Marc MacNamara, fellow Best Director winner and Best Screenplay writer. “The movie really showcases adult film making on a heightened level and I am grateful for the Grabbys for acknowledging every stylized element from the script to the stunning videography and intense performances.”

Lucas’ fellow lead in “Assassin,” Adam Killian, won Best Versatile Performer and Lucas Entertainment resident Rafael Carreras took home the Hottest Uncut Cock award.

"I am honored and extremely thankful to the Grabby's for recognizing the tremendous effort put into making ‘Assassin,’” production manager Chris Crisco said. “Without the extra time and energy put in by the hard-working crew and cast, this epic work of art wouldn't be what it is!"

The Grabby Awards are judged by a panel comprised of industry experts.