Elegant Angel Announces 'Wasteland' Feature Film

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Elegant Angel has announced its latest feature film, “Wasteland.”

Starring Lily Carter and Lily LaBeau in the lead roles, the movie tells the story of two old friends who “reunite for a passionate, emotional, and sexually adventurous night in Los Angeles."

Director and writer Graham Travis, best known for his XBIZ 2012 Award winning film, “Portrait Of A Call Girl,” said the production features a vast array of beautiful locations and an extensive cast of additional characters and extras.

"Wasteland" is shot in 1080p HD on DSLR cameras, and will be released in multi-disc sets on both DVD and Blu-Ray in July.

"This movie is a simple and human story about love, lust, and connection between two people that I hope can resonate with the audience," Travis said.

He added, "It's being made possible by two extraordinary stars, Lily and Lily, who are both remarkably talented, beautiful in every way, and have so much to offer. They're both creating something very special. The movie features a variety of different sex scenes, including boy/girl, girl/girl, and a group scene, and a lot of diversity to the visuals. It's really an ambitious undertaking, but one the whole cast and crew is tremendously enthused by. It's going to be a very different kind of movie."

Co-star Carter, who was lauded for her role said she is thrilled to have been chosen for the project.

"Anna is the most challenging, but rewarding role I have played to date. I am so honored to be a part of such a beautiful work of art,” Carter said.

LaBeau, who has only been in the industry for little over a year, has made a huge impact with her sensual performances and beauty, according to the studio. "As soon as I read the script I knew this movie was going to be something extremely special. Now, since filming started, I know it's turning into so much more than that. I feel so lucky to be a part of bringing this beautiful story to life," LaBeau said.

The film's director of photography is Alex Ladd, with additional videography by Carlos Dee and Mason. Sound recording is by Bruce Carter. Patrick Collins is the executive producer.

The motion picture “Wasteland” is not associated with or endorsed by the website Wasteland.com. The term “Wasteland” is used by Elegant Angel with the permission of Wasteland.com.

In recognition of Wasteland.com, one of the Internet's oldest and most beloved BDSM destinations, and in conjunction with Elegant Angel, a 15 minute special director's cut scene from the film will be available to all Wasteland.com members as part of their subscription.

More information on the movie will be released in the coming weeks on the Elegant Angel Community Website.

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