Lucas Entertainment Movie Interrupts Canadian Morning Show

ONTARIO — Viewers of Canadian television network CHCH's "Morning Live" show were treated to a lewd awakening Friday morning when the station's feed was temporarily interrupted with footage from's broadcast of Lucas's "After Hours."

"There was a cable cut at a cable company somewhere [Thursday] night and, somewhere in the repair of it, put in some alternative programming which wasn’t ours," CHCH News Director Mike Katrycz explained to "It didn’t originate with us. We are apologizing to our viewers. We hope they understand it was beyond our control."

"After Hours" depicts businessmen unwinding after a hard day at the office by engaging in hardcore, sweaty gay sex. The film played on "Morning Live" for an estimated one-minute before the station was able to return to its normally scheduled programming.

"All I can say is I’m glad it was a high production value, quality porn playing from a top-notch studio,” HardTV General Manager Brett Drysdale said. "I emailed the owner of Lucas Entertainment and he said it was hilarious.”