New Frontier Media Inks Major Content Deal With Bluebird

BOULDER, Colo.— New Frontier Media today announced a content and development deal with Bluebird Films that includes a commitment from Bluebird to develop and produce 250 hours of original content for the adult transactional TV network.

The deal also adds 2,500 high-definition scenes from Bluebird’s existing library and an option to acquire up to 900 additional scenes over a three-year term.

The content is expected to be provided worldwide to cable and satellite operators for distribution through New Frontier Media’s TEN, 15 pay-per-view channels and video-on-demand services.

Terms of the deal were not announced.

“The execution of this agreement represents the continuation of our commitment to provide our cable and satellite partners with the highest quality content available," said Matthew McClelen, New Frontier Media 's vice president of worldwide programming.

"Based on recent and historical primary consumer research, we believe the Bluebird content and distribution agreement will provide consumers with a never before seen unique and exciting experience.”

Bluebird Films CEO Nicholas Steele said that "it’s a great honor to be partnering with them to provide consumers with high-quality original product. We believe we are up to the challenge of delivering new and unique content that will make a difference.”

Blubird operates studios in London, Prague and Las Vegas.