Lucas Entertainment Signs 3 New Performers

NEW YORK — Lucas Entertainment has announced the addition of three new performers to its roster of talent.

Australian natives Tate Ryder and Mathew Mason have inked long-terms exclusive deals alongside New Yorker newcomer Vito Gallo.
At 6 feet, 3 inches tall, Gallo is brawny and muscular. He is a newcomer to the adult industry, but has already garnered attention with wins as Mr. New York and Best Porn Star at the 2012 Hookies.

"Vito Gallo is one of the most beautiful men that I have ever worked with,” said Michael Lucas, Lucas Entertainment CEO and president. “He definitely has the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen. He's an aggressive top and passionate bottom who is serious about what he does."

The company said Ryder has a striking and innocent face, but is constantly hungry for sex. He works as a fitness trainer in London by day.

“Tate Ryder is a wonder boy,” publicity director Marc MacNamara said.

“There is nothing this guy can’t and won’t do. Tate is a gorgeous and charming man who ignites his scenes with incredible aggression. He is a powerful performer who can fuck and get fucked for hours, likes piss and can get fisted up to his elbow. Tate is a sex star who can never get enough."

Australian performer Mason enjoys being both a top and versatile when in bed.

“Mathew has an amazing ass,” Lucas said. “He's very dedicated to this industry and definitely has the rare combination of intense sexuality, a gorgeous face and body, and a captivating personality that we look for."

Interviews with the performers can be found here.