Girlfriends Films' Director Pens Column for Huffington Post

Bob Johnson

RESEDA, Calif. — Lesbian director Jincey Lumpkin, whose Juicy Pink Box films are distributed by Girlfriends Films is penning a weekly column for the

Each Wednesday, new additions to “Juicy Jincey’s Binoculars” will appear on the popular news and culture source where she will write about her most intimate thoughts on life, love and the creation of her adult movies.

The director’s third article posted today.

“My column is called ‘Juicy Jincey’s Binoculars’ because it’s about seeing the world not as it is, but as it could be,” Lumpkin said.

She added, “Each week I’ll tell readers plenty about how I got here, where I’m going, and how to make their own fantasies become realities. It will be a mission we take on together. Listen, I screw up all the time. I cry. I fall down often.  But the truth is when I pick up my binoculars and look at the world around me, it's more fantastical than anything I could have imagined as a little girl. I want to show everyone what life looks like through my lenses.”

Noah Michelson, editor for The Huffington Post Gay Voices commented, "HuffPost Gay Voices asked Jincey Lumpkin to be a featured blogger because she is a revolutionary in the field of porn. Her unique perspective on sex, sexuality, and relationships offers our readers honest and informed — not to mention titillating — insight into topics that others won't, can't, or are unqualified to discuss. Her posts are filled with the kind of stories that get people talking, blushing, and coming back for more."

Lumpkin’s movies, available on DVD through Girlfriends Films include her debut film “Taxi: Volume 1,” “Taxi: Volume 2,” “Boutique” and “Therapy.”

In 2011, “Taxi” received a Feminist Porn Award for Hottest Lesbian Series. The award recognizes “Taxi” as one of the great achievements in lesbian filmmaking, as well as a sexually empowering experience for women.

“We are extremely proud of Jincey and her column for the," said Moose, Girlfriends Films vice president.

"It is a great opportunity for her and provides the with an eloquent, educated voice from the lesbian community.  The column also introduces tens of millions of potential consumers to Jincey’s one-of-a-kind movies, like ‘Taxi’ and ‘Therapy.’  We expect a large increase in DVD orders as people become more familiar with Jincey’s passion and keen director’s eye.”

Lumpkin’s brand and erotic glamour filmmaking have gained notoriety within the lesbian and mainstream communities. Previously, she was a contributor for the Advocate, has been featured in The Village Voice, Bound, Vice, Out and more.

She's also appeared on “The Diana Cage Show” and “Derek & Romaine.”

Time Out Magazine named Lumpkin a New York City “sex icon.”