Digital Sin Premieres New 'Geek Girls' Line This Week

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Digital Sin premieres its new line “Geek Girls” Sept. 29.

The company said that the first installment of the series, ‘The Gamers,’ gives an inside look at adult industry gamers including Misti Dawn, Gia Steel, Kimber Peters and Lea Lexis.

“I’m into it because I don’t know how not to be,” Dawn said. “Gaming was engraved in me at a young age. I have some friends that work in the gaming industry and I immediately think they are hot based on that. Generally, just nerdiness turns me on.”

The company said each girl is passionate about her preferred games whether it is RPG, FPS, MMO or other game types.

 “It was great working with women that actually play video games in their personal lives,” director Eddie Powell said.

“The film is more authentic than just handing them a remote control and having them fake their way through it.”

The company said “Geeks Girls - The Gamers” features high energy sex scenes coupled with insight into each girl and what turns her on in all aspects of her life.

“We wanted to choose girls who are sexy and serious about their gaming, and to break the mold of what one might think of when they hear the term ‘girl gamer,’” said Belle Casten, New Sensations’ vice president of global sales.

“You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind production that features some of the hottest women in porn in riveting sex scenes. If this is the future of gaming then one can only hope that someday the geeks will inherit the Earth."

To view the trailer for "Geek Girls-The Gamers", click here.