Webbilling to Attend XBIZ Summit in Chicago

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Webbilling will be attending the upcoming XBIZ Summit in Chicago set for June 10-12.

The XBIZ Summit will provide an opportunity for attendees to learn about the company's services, which offer billing methods for Europe and provide broad coverage of large markets.

The company said that education in the credit and debt culture in Europe is the first step in understanding how Webbilling solutions can add revenue to the bottom line of ecommerce enterprises with E.U. traffic, without cannibalizing merchants’ credit card sales.

“Most Europeans are used to paying for everything with their bank accounts, and that includes online transactions as well," said Ines Petersen, global operations director.

"Germany in fact is a paperless society now, so the ease of use for direct debit and wire transfers is quite advanced. Aside from the obvious factor of generating more revenue, it is equally important to consider the conversion rates of your purchased traffic, conversion rates of your loyal affiliates and your affiliates will experience more success when your payment options include the Webbilling solutions.

"We look forward to a great XBIZ event in an exciting new venue this summer."

For more information email marketing@webbilling.com.