Revolution X/Digital Sin Move Closer to 'Star Trek' Lift-off

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Revolution X and Digital Sin have revealed the box art and release date of their new big-budget spoof, “Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody."

Featuring Captain Picard, Dr. Crusher and the rest of the fan-favorite characters, the cover was designed to engage Trekkies’ fervor as the May 5 street date approaches.

To download the box art for “Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody," click here.

Director Sam Hain remarked, “Our video and photo editors have been working non-stop on this movie since we wrapped in February. Because of the love we all have for the show, it’s been imperative every detail is perfect. Now there’s a whole new level of excitement as we are positioned to begin releasing photo teasers and trailers, with the DVD street date right around the corner. We are all extremely proud of this movie.”

In addition to spotlighting the cast on the sleek cover, fans are treated to a glimpse of the movie’s epic battle scene between The Enterprise and a Romulan Warbird. The battle scene and subsequent FX took 60 days to create in post-production, making it the largest and most comprehensive special effects undertaking Revolution X and Digital Sin have ever done.

With realism being key for a successful porn adaptation of the “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” franchise, casting became more important than ever, the company said. In addition to using performers known for their acting talents, most of the cast selected consider themselves loyal “Star Trek” fans. The cast includes: April O’Neil (Counselor Troi), Rocco Reed (Cmdr. Riker), Dana DeArmond (Ensign Ro), Kimberly Kane (Dr. Crusher), India Summer (Tasha Yar), Tyler Knight (Geordi ), Bobbi Starr (Dr. Leah Brahms), Xander Corvus (Lt. Cmdr. Data), Lee Bang (Lt. Worf) and Tim Cannon (security officer). In addition, a mainstream Patrick Stewart double named Giles was cast to play Captain Picard.

To download the official promotional photos from “Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody," click here

“This film is as accurate a depiction of 'Star Trek' characters sex lives as you’re likely to find," Patrick Kindlon of pop culture site recently wrote. “A true Trekkie, Hain has gone to great lengths to retain not only the feel of the series but also as many nuances as possible…The cast is surprisingly dead-on…In addition to being well cast, the talent is enthusiastic about the work.”

In addition to coverage from, top Trekkie, sci-fi, pop culture, comic and entertainment websites reported on the movie.

“[‘Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody’] is a loving tribute and unofficial sequel to a classic TNG episode starring some major Trekkie porn stars, not to mention an uncannily convincing Jean-Luc Picard impersonator,” wrote Alasdair Wilkins of Gawker Media’s “Everything looks amazing. They built an entire 360-degree set for the Enterprise Bridge, and the costumes and wigs really evoke the look of The Next Generation's character. They even brought in a renowned Patrick Stewart impersonator from London to bring Captain Picard to life.”

To view a safe-for-work collection of photos the cast and crew posted on social networking sites, click here.