Blu-ray Videos Coming With Android-Friendly Option

LOS ANGELES — Android users will now be able to watch digital copies of some Blu-ray movies on their smartphones.

The first video to include the ability to watch on Android is the action-thriller "Unstoppable," starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine that hit store shelves today.

The movie is the first with a Blu-ray Digital Copy that plays on Android, and it could be applied to adult entertainment movies.

To watch content on an Android device, users do need to go through a number of steps, however. No. 1: They need a Wi-Fi-connected Blu-ray player that supports BD Live. No. 2: Users need to be running Android 1.6 or higher and have the Pocket Blu Android app on the smartphone. And, of course, they need a legitimate copy of the movie.

But once all the pieces are in place, the digital copy file can be transferred to the handset.