Brad Armstrong Announces 'Risky Business,' 'Harry Potter' Parodies

LOS ANGELES — Veteran director Brad Armstrong announced plans today to produce “Risky Business” and “Harry Potter” parodies.

The filmmaker, who has recently wrapped production on his XXX musical “The Rocki Whore Picture Show” said he’s ready to unleash his creative energies on the two iconic pieces of pop culture.

“Risky Business” will be the first to go before the cameras by the end of January.

"Our version will feature Kirsten Price in the role made famous by Rebecca De Mornay, while Kris Slater will be playing Joel Goodsen, the Tom Cruise part," Armstrong said.

He added, "I think ‘Risky Business’ lends itself really well to the parody genre. At its core, it's about sex and the selling of sex."

The Wicked Pictures director said the new show will pick up the story where the original film ended, rather than just mimic key scenes.

"We'll be going to the next level, following Joel Goodsen as he goes to the university and a series of events lead him back into 'the business.' "

Later this spring, the director will tackle the “Harry Potter” film to be shot amidst the castles and countryside of Europe. He said that like “Risky Business,” this rendition of the epic fantasy series will have a unique time line.

"In our version, we'll meet Harry as an adult, years after Hogwarts. As we pick up the story, he's a Criss Angel-style magician working in New York."

Armstrong revealed that in this new tale, the appearance of new evil villains spurs Harry back to Europe — and into his familiar role as a heroic wizard.

No leading players have yet been announced for the Potter parody but Armstrong expects to be holding open auditions.

"We'll be holding auditions because I want to discover new talent — even unknowns — to play the younger characters, including Harry, while we'll be using established actors like Randy Spears to portray the veteran wizards and villains."

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