Lucas Entertainment Releases 'Trapped in the Game'

NEW YORK — Lucas Entertainment has announced the release of "Trapped in the Game," a suspense thriller filmed entirely on location in Berlin, Germany.

The company said "Trapped in the Game" centers around Jonathan Agassi’s true-life move to Berlin after his success in the porn industry.

“I am extremely proud of this film,” Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas said.

“'Trapped in the Game' was hugely expensive and time consuming so we went into it with a meticulous plan. Everyone was on their game and I’m incredibly satisfied with the result.”

"Trapped in the Game" is a single-disc DVD release also featuring Adam Killian, Aaron Mark, Carsten Andersson, Giuseppe Pardi, Rob Nelson, Hugo Martin and Harry Louis.

“We had a tremendously talented cast and crew on this project and they poured their creativity and passion into Trapped in the Game,” cinematographer Pam said.

“That made it a delight to shoot and a huge success.”

The total running time is 147 minutes and the DVD includes a behind-the-scenes vignette and trailers.

“The script was grueling and it demanded a new level of intensity which everyone exceeded,” writer Nate MacNamara said.

“We chased though parking garages and down the streets of Berlin, filmed half-naked in the rainy packed plazas, took over a downtown bar, locked Jonathan Agassi in a car on active railroad tracks, commandeered an abandoned factory and in the end the result is truly an amazing Hollywood style action thriller with aggressively hot sex.”

The company said the release have already garnered rave reviews by various Internet sites.

Scenes from “Trapped in the Game” are available to members of