FSC Lobbies Against Potential Mandatory Condom Legislation

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Key members of the adult industry converged on California’s state capitol to lobby against possible mandatory condom legislation and to speak to legislators about workplace safety for the adult industry.

The meetings followed recent concerns raised by Cal/OSHA inspections at a number of adult production companies, as well as current litigation filed against Cal/OSHA by the AIM Healthcare Foundation.

The adult industry advocates who traveled to the capitol are hoping legislators open dialogue with the industry before proposing any legislation that might be unworkable for it.

Led by Diane Duke, the Free Speech Coalition’s executive director, the group comprised of Dr. Aaron Aronow, an AIM consultant and USC clinical professor, as well as Wicked Pictures executive Joy King and adult performer Angelina Armani. FSC Board Chair Jeffrey Douglas also attended.

“FSC was not only able to educate members of key legislative offices, but also learn the most effective way to approach potential mandatory condom legislation as well as increased pressure from Cal/OSHA,” Duke said.

Armani said she helped explain the realities of working as a performer, as well as the value of FSC efforts to promote better workplace practices.

“It gave an opportunity to have a performer dispel misconceptions the bill makers at the capitol may have had about our industry,” Armani said. “It is of dire importance that performers get involved with what the FSC is trying to accomplish as they are there to protect our right to perform and make adult entertainment.”