VideosZ Celebrates 5th Anniversary, Surpasses 6,000 DVDs

LOS ANGELES — Adult content super-site VideosZ has announced the celebration of its five year anniversary, along with the expansion of its library to more than 6,000 titles and an affiliate bonus to share in the festivities.

According to the company, as retention becomes an increasingly important part of monetizing traffic, promoting a site with 34,909 scenes available for customers is an increasingly smart decision for affiliates.

"Imagine watching more than six thousand full length hardcore porn DVDs and also seeing five completely new brand name studio DVDs being added every day of the year," stated a company rep. "As a member it is a difficult, if not impossible task to watch all of that content."

"Even a fan that joins for a particular niche will find thousands of movies carefully hand-picked and sorted for their specific tastes inside," the rep added.

To capitalize on the large amount of video content available within each niche of VideosZ, the affiliate program now offers several niche specific Lander Domain Tours including,,,, and — all carefully designed to generate improved ratios of niche specific traffic providers.

"The result is that members convert easier, retain longer and affiliates earn more from unique sent," the rep offered. "It is much easier to have one member retain eleven times than it is to find eleven brand new members to sign up."

"Putting the power of more than 20,000,000 MB of quality hardcore content behind your revenue sharing or PPS sales efforts is the easiest way to increase your earnings," he said.

VideosZ offers a transparent tour that allows new visitors to see the entire member's area (without the ability to download or view videos).

"That means traffic sent to the main tour can be fully confident that a membership is worth admission and the entire 6,000+ DVD collection becomes an undeniable sales advantage," the rep concluded.

As part of its 5th Anniversary celebration, VideosZ is also offering a two day bonus payout of $100 PPS for webmasters from September 17-18.