Webbilling Expands Merchant Capability

GRUBBENVORST, the Netherlands — European direct debit solutions provider Webbilling has announced new technical capability enabling merchants to customize stats analysis within their admin areas.

Global Operations Director Ines Petersen said that Webbilling platform improvements are driven by client feedback and requests.

“Merchants are no longer satisfied with revenues historically generated through credit card billing,” Petersen said, “and as they realize the additional revenue generated by the Webbilling solutions they become more involved and creative in the process — and we love the challenge. Their request for different methods of analysis, differential search and display and sophisticated tools and graphics keep us on the cutting edge.”

Webbilling offers debit-focused solutions that provide immediate access, recurring billing, free and paid trials, cross-sales, upsells, escalating security levels, pay-per-anything packages, encrypted one-click joins for additional marketing and flexible customized risk management systems.

“Many consider our platform an alternative payment method, but from my European perspective we provide a proven platform for the preferred primary billing method for our best markets,” Peterson said. “Keep all your existing billing solutions in place; just optimize Webbilling to maximize your EUR and GBP revenue. Same traffic equals more joins.”

The Webbilling team will be next in Montreal at Qwebec Expo and in Amsterdam for Webmaster Access.