Blu-ray Is Latest to Push 3D

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — More adult studios might want to jump on the 3D bandwagon after the Blu-ray Disc Association announced plans this week to create a standard format that wouldn’t use the standard red/blue “anaglyph” technology we’re used to.

The organization said it is pursuing technology overseen by a task force that would set the stage for a 3D home entertainment specification that could lead to another industry standard.

Enhancing Blu-ray with 3D capabilities is the next step in creating a user format that wouldn’t require the two-pane glasses. Already, TV manufacturers are jumping on the 3D bandwagon with “3D ready” HDTVs. Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Sony all showcased new models at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

“Blu-ray Disc is the ideal platform for bringing 3D technology to mainstream home entertainment,” the Blu-ray Disc Association said in a statement. “The format has been widely embraced by consumers, and the 1080p picture quality and overall experience have become the standards against which all other high-definition delivery platforms are measured.”

But when it comes to pairing up Blu-ray and porn, it might be difficult to find a profit.

“If it involves buying new TVs, it’s going to be a tough sell for consumers,” AAA News Sid Grief told XBIZ. “And the cost for specialized replicator for distributors could be initially prohibitive.”

Grief, who owns a chain of adult DVD stores in Texas, said that even today Blu-ray discs are hard to sell because of their price.

“The DVDs are just now starting to drop,” noted Grief, who revealed that out of 40,000 adult DVDs he sold last year, only 105 were Blu-rays.

The prospect of merging 3D with squirting orgasms has many in the adult business trying to find ways to push the product.

Adult performer Tommy Gunn began producing a line of “choose your own adventure” interactive 3-D adult movies to be distributed by Pure Play Media.

Gunn’s first release features advanced stereoscopic 3D technology that, used with the available premium anaglyph glasses, brings a new level of intimacy to the viewer.

“Tommy Gunn’s Cummin’ At You” includes an interactive menu that enables the viewer to customize his or her viewing experience by selecting either male or female points of view. There is also a third-person option POV with “adventure randomizer” for a different experience with each viewing.