Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo Adds Author Richard Woods

SAN FRANCISCO — The Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo has announced the return of author Richard Woods to its 2008 lineup. Woods will present his “Unlearn! Vanilla Marriage” seminar and “Douche of the Month” vignettes to the program.

The "Unlearn! Vanilla Marriage" seminar examines the self-destructive "happily ever after" myths that have been programmed into couples' minds.

“The problem is not that over half of all marriages end in divorce," Woods said, "it’s that the majority of the others plod on in boredom and drudgery. This seminar offers perspectives that you won't ever hear on daytime television.”

Woods' "Douche of the Month" vignettes tackle popular self-help gurus and luminaries such as Sylvia Browne, Doctor Phil, Justin Fatica, Cardinal Roger Mahoney, Bill O’Reilly, Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Zig Ziglar.

For information, call (415) 567-2255, or log on to ExoticEroticBall.com.