The Girlsway scenes in "Recruitment" are centered around the fantasy of popping the proverbial lesbian cherry.

Jezabel Vessir, Spencer Bradley, Charlotte Sins, and Mona Azar ("Not More Lesbian Recruiters!?!"):

Jezabel Vessir and her friend Spencer Bradley have the day off for the first time in forever. They've got big plans to spend the day together, but before they can get out the door, a fateful knock brings lesbian recruiters to their door to ruin their day. Desperate to avoid a long, awkward conversation, the two friends decide to pretend to be lesbians in hopes that the peddlers will move on quickly. Unfortunately for them, once Charlotte Sins and Mona Azar find out Jezabel and Spencer are "fellow sisters," they invite themselves in to learn their supposed recruiting techniques. Trapped in their lie, Jezabel and Spencer are forced to see their deception through to the end, which leads to some unexpected results. Foursomes can be tough because of all the players involved, but this scene is put together nicely. Charlotte and Spencer both shine, while Jezabel and Mona add a heady element to the entire encounter that is palpably delicious. All four ladies boast a nice bush, so fans of that will be quite happy. And Charlotte goes to town on every pussy that gets near her with reckless abandon. Jezabel looks amazing sitting on Charlotte's face, while Charlotte is folded in half against the couch as an example. I mean, holy smokes! She also sends Spencer to the stratosphere with her own hungry licks while Mona annihilates Charlotte next to her.

Abella Danger and Angela White ("Anal at the Office"):

In this scene, Angela White is an overbearing boss with high demands and a low tolerance for mistakes and shortcomings. Unfortunately, Abella Danger's work performance lands her in Angela's critical crosshairs quite often. But after witnessing Angela being a complete angel during a meeting with one of her old friends, Abella just has to know how she got her cranky boss to be so amicable. The answer? She let Angela put it in her butt once, and things have been peachy between them ever since. Willing to try anything to improve her work environment, Abella decides to take a shot. Folks, this is hot. Two stars the caliber of Abella and Angela together with anal play? It doesn't get much better than this. Holy lord, this is hot! Seriously, watching Angela cum over and over again as Abella pounds her asshole in reverse cowgirl is really something. The arousal is matched only by the desperate way Abella quivers under Angela's hammering of her own asshole. They just melt the screen. That's the best way to describe this. Yowza!


The Girlsway scenes in "Recruitment" are centered around the fantasy of popping the proverbial lesbian cherry.

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