What Will the Neighbors Think?!

What Will the Neighbors Think?!

“What Will the Neighbors Think?!” is a small collection of neighbor-inspired scenes from the lesbian offshoot Gamma studio Girlsway.

Ryan Keely, Freya Parker, and Lilly James (“Neighbor Teen Caught In-Between”):

Directed by Casey Calvert and Eli Cross, this story is a classic tale of lesbian seduction. Freya Parker (way back in 2014, this woman was gorgeous) is a college student returning home for the summer and looking to make some extra cash cleaning houses. Impressed with the way she’s “filled out” since they last saw her, devilish housewives Ryan Keely and Lilly James can’t resist the urge to seduce the young woman with their matronly sensuality. The best thing about this scene is Lilly and Freya sending Ryan to the moon in an ecstasy rocket. Their combined efforts on Ryan’s clit get the voluptuous vixen squealing with pleasure and begging for more and mercy at the same time. There is a very arousing capture of Freya riding Ryan’s face while she fingers Lilly that’s pretty spectacular as well.

Gabriela Lopez and Andi James (“What Will the Neighbors Think?!”):

Midnight wrote this tale of reverse seduction, and director J-Vera brought it to life. Gabriela is hired by Andi James to tend her garden, and the hot-to-trot nubile shows up in a way-too-short skirt that sets Andi’s prudish nature as well as her libido into overdrive. After trying desperately to force a measure of conservatism on the young woman, Andi gives up and gives into the sexual ache in her loins. What a great pairing! Andi’s fabulous; all-natural tits are a joy to behold, while Gabriela is the definition of a young vixen. She exudes sexuality and sweeps the shy and reserved Andi into a whirlwind of carefree, carnal release. The 69 is especially arousing, as is every position where Gabriela shoves Andi’s face into her hot box.

Jenna Sativa and Maya Kendrick (“A Strapping New Neighbor)”:

Maya is new to the neighborhood and stops by Jenna’s place to give her a package that was mistakenly delivered to the wrong address. Being the neighborly person she is, Jenna invites Maya in for a drink and opens the package. To her horror and Maya’s embarrassment, the package contains a pink strap-on. This is certainly an awkward situation, but Maya’s curiosity gets the better of her, and she asks Jenna what it’s like to wear/use such a toy. Being rather neighborly herself, Jenna offers to show her. I’ve always found Maya to be quite cute, and Jenna has a dynamite body. Casting these two together is a home run waiting to happen. Jenna really works Maya over, pounding her hardcore from behind. There’s also plenty of face-sitting and scissoring. This is easily the best scene in the compilation.


Two wives, Ryan Keely, and Lilly James discuss the new cleaning girl who will be arriving soon - Freya Parker, a neighbor's daughter who is looking for extra work. Freya arrives, and she's a cutie! It's clear that both wives are immediately lusting after her. Lilly leaves to go read in the bedroom, but Ryan has something more spicy in mind. Andi James is a homeowner looking for a bit of extra help with her garden. When she hires Gabriela Lopez to be her gardener, she's thrilled. Gabriela seems so cheerful and nice, and very eager to do the work... In fact, she's secretly eager to do more than work, which Andi will find out soon enough! Maya Kendrick helpfully returns a parcel to her new neighbor, Jenna Sativa, that was mistakenly sent to her. Jenna is thankful, assuming it's a moisturizer she ordered, and invites Maya inside for a chat to get to know her. But as they idly chat about the moisturizer, Jenna begins opening the parcel... then quickly realizes it's NOT the moisturizer but a strap-on she's ordered instead!

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