Put On Some Clothes!

Put On Some Clothes!

The lesbian-centric Gamma studio Girlsway presents three scenes from its Mommy’s Girl spinoff studio.

“A Good, Stern Talking-To” (Jane Wilde and London River):

This Gus Delario-directed scene pits a frustrated Jane Wilde against her inappropriate stepmother London River. While Jane appreciates her stepmother’s help in maintaining her dog-walking business, the complaints from wives who claim London is often dressed in an overly provocative manner are starting to cost her clients. Forced to talk to her stepmom, Jane is nervous but determined. Luckily for Jane, London is both receptive and understanding. Particularly, she understands that Jane just needs to loosen up. This is a nice scene because the performers involved are top notch. Jane is a spitfire, and London oozes sex appeal. They pair together perfectly here, with their scorching 69 being the clear-cut highlight of the action. The dynamic between them is exploratory, which fits the story well. And hot damn, are there some scorching angles!

“Put On Some Clothes!” (Brooklyn Gray and Serene Siren):

Serene Siren is working hard to build a relationship with her stepdaughter Brooklyn Gray, but Brooklyn’s overly comfortable lifestyle is making it a hard sell. She strolls around the house naked all the time, and the young woman has no qualms about expressing her sexuality in the house — no matter who’s around. Eventually, Brooklyn’s brazen nature gets the better of Serene’s inhibitions, and she succumbs to her stepdaughter’s unfettered lifestyle. I absolutely love that this scene opened with tandem masturbation. It fit the story, both ladies stayed in character, and the result is scorching. Brooklyn is a vision, and I love watching her have sex, while Serene is a Top-5 girl/girl performer, in my book. She always delivers, and this scene is no different. Amazing tongue work, palpable lust, and a fire-as-fuck face-sitting sequence make this scene a winner.

“Tongue-Tied” (Shay Sights and Harley Haze):

Harley Haze is graduating high school as valedictorian, and she finds herself struggling with her speech. Her main concern is that she’ll get tongue-tied and mess up her speech, but her stepmother Shay Sights is there to encourage her. This scene was much better than I expected it to be. Shay and Harley had quite a bit of chemistry here, and the way Shay directed Harley through the sex was highly erotic. Her subtle instructions, her moans of affirmation, and Harley’s smiles all lent to the tenderness of the scene. Yes, I’m calling it romantic even though it was yet another fauxcest taboo-themed scene.


London River has been helping her stepdaughter Jane Wilde with her business, but Jane has received countless complaints of London flirting with her customers' husbands. Jane mentions how she even feels like London is flirting with HER sometimes when they're at home, but lets slip that she actually kind of likes it. Both agreeing that they want each other, they cast their business affairs aside and take a dip into the sexual fantasy they've left simmering for so long. Serene Siren is on the phone complaining about her stepdaughter, Brooklyn Gray, being a nudist. Brooklyn is constantly naked, walking around the house without a second thought. A few days later, Brooklyn strides into the room in the nude and convinces Serene to join her in a masturbation session. Soon enough, they are both totally turned on, and join each other from some playful lesbian sex. Harley Haze is practicing a speech in her room when her stepmom, Shay Sights, comes in. Shay helps Harley practice enunciating with some verbal exercises, but they don't work. Shay then suggests that maybe Harley just needs to strengthen her tongue. Shay starts with some simple exercises, but soon becomes inspired. If they REALLY want Harley to strengthen her tongue AND relax, there are much more fun ways...

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