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Private Dick

Two private investigators (Liz Jordan and Alex Jones) have a friendly bet to see who can be the first to solve 25 cases. Whoever wins gets a day off, and the tally is incredibly close. While Jones has been approaching the bet ethically, Jordan is willing to do whatever it takes to win.

This is the third film I’ve seen from Delphine, and the first by director Wesley Pipes, who makes his debut for the studio. Again, the focus on high-end visuals is clear, and Landers clearly puts a great deal of effort into creating a setting that conveys the tone he’s looking for. Their office definitely has a Sherlock Holmes feel to it based on the books on the shelves, the furniture and the accessories dotted around the room, and the very name of their agency harkens back to the silver age of film where detectives were popular heroes and the term “dick” had nothing to do with sex. It’s a fantastic play on a classic story trope.

The sex is also fantastic. The lighting creates some sexy shadows and highlights areas of the bodies (Liz in particular) that help create a very sensual tone. In a mindblowing moment, Alex actually stands up while Liz is riding him in reverse cowgirl and fucks her standing — in a modified reverse cowgirl! I’m not kidding, folks. I’m sure this has happened in a thousand porn movies, but in all my years of watching, I’ve never seen this position. Big fucking kudos to these two for pulling that off! I also really enjoyed the standing doggie near the end of the film, as it really showed off Alex’s sexy back and ass. The women aren’t the only performers in the scene, and lots of folks want to see the guy’s body too. This position does exactly that, and I thought it was quite sexy.

This is a nice addition to the Delphine library. If studios want to make headway in the feature end of the porn pool, they need to have a combination of smaller, less produced projects and larger, more expansive projects so their portfolio can cater to all tastes. This short film is mostly sex, but it has just enough story to set it apart from vignette style projects, and that is exactly what Delphine should be striving to do. Also, this was a really nice showcase for Liz, who has been making some waves with multiple higher profile projects recently. She firmly grabs hold of the bell and announces herself as ready for a shot at the next level.


Two private investigators (Liz Jordan and Alex Jones) have a friendly bet to see who can be the first to solve 25 cases.

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